A time and place in Dominican Cigar Life

The sounds of Roosters crowing in the distance… the sun is slowly rising… Waking up to the smell of freshly cooked eggs, bacon and every fruit imaginable is hard to resist.  Nothing short of a buffet line prepared from scratch by the grandmother of the family I stay with in the Dominican.  She’s a woman of few words but man does she go all out and provide anything I would like to eat for the long day ahead.

Finishing the last few bites as I hear a car horn blow from the driveway. It’s my driver. If you have ever been to the Dominican, you can understand why…  driving the streets of the DR is not for the faint of heart.  Zigging in and out of traffic as if traffic laws do not exist. Reaching the factory safe and sound as always, I leave my driver to find some cigar greats awaiting my arrival.  I consider these people my family. Truly special people that have opened up both their hearts and homes as well as their love and passion for the craft of creating premium cigars.

A lineup of blends of assorted tobaccos await to try and experience along with some amazing Dominican coffee.

Cutting the first… second and then third cigar that day… and enjoying the nuances of each individual cigar… concentrating on tasting the leaf and enjoying what it has to offer.  Each and every cigar is a recipe of flavors intended for you to experience.  No different than a food recipe that you enjoy on the daily cigars have that same intent.  Whether it’s a light creamy profile with tastes of nut and cedar or a dark oily spice bomb of pepper both have been created to be enjoyed and experienced.

Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to be in the Dominican or other premium cigar producing countries, however you can enjoy those same experiences on your very own.  Find your place whether a local hot spot, patio or even event venue, grab a cigar, cut the cap, toast the foot and enjoy those special flavors encapsulated in that beautiful hand rolled cigar.

Until Next time my friends…

Ignite the passion within and enjoy



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