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Kentucky Craft Beer

Sat, Sep 24, 22  |  beer

Many people are intimidated by craft beer. With so many styles, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Maybe you are interested in expanding your beer horizon or you are a craft beer enthusiast who wants to introduce friends and family to your love. Maybe you are tired of hearing all your friends rave about their favorite brewery and you want to be part of the action. Whatever your motivation, we are lucky to live in the great Commonwealth of Kentucky where local breweries are popping up and pumping out top-notch brews.

The world of craft beer is as diverse as the brewers. With a little bit of trial and error, chances are we can find something that sings to your soul. Below are a few approachable options that I would like to recommend as a great place to start loving Kentucky beer. Keep in mind, all Liquor Barn and Party Mart locations allow you to purchase a single beer so you can try something new without committing to a full 4 or 6 pack.

Mile Wide Beer Co. Brabble Blonde Ale, Louisville, KY

Brabble is a light-bodied, easy-drinking, clean, crisp ale that is perfect for beginners. Some new craft beer drinkers are turned off by the bitterness imparted by the hops in various brews. You won’t find that in Brabble Blonde Ale. It is smooth and rounded without dominating hop or malt characteristics.

Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co. Kentucky Irish Red Ale, Lexington, KY

Kentucky Irish Red Ale was the first beer produced by Lexington Brewing & Distilling. This beer is great for beginners as it is a nice balance of bitterness and sweetness. It is brewed with imported Irish malt and a pinch of wheat malt for a smooth, rich taste. Fun fact: This is the base beer for the famous Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale. For that offering, the Irish Red Ale is placed into Bourbon Barrels for 6 months before we can enjoy.

West Sixth Brewing Co. Cerveza Mexican Style Lager, Lexington, KY

Have you ever had a Corona or Modelo at your favorite Mexican restaurant and thought, “Dang, this is good, and I swear it makes my chips and salsa taste better!” Me too! Cerveza is West Sixth’s take on a light Mexican lager. Cerveza has a pleasant, cracker-like malt character with a low amount of hops to create a thirst-quenching, salsa-enhancing, brew that is a perfect first step into local craft beers.

Against the Grain Brewing Co. A Beer Super American Premium Lager, Louisville, KY

We all know the two or three beers that most people are introduced to. You know, the ones with mountains or maybe an eagle on the can? Well, A Beer is Against the Grain’s take on the American Light Lager, the most popular style of beer not only in the United States but worldwide! A Beer has a light malt, bread-like flavor, low in bitterness and exceptionally refreshing to drink… and super American!

Country Boy Brewing Co. Shotgun Wedding Brown Ale, Georgetown, KY

One thing most people can agree on is that vanilla is an awesome flavor. It’s America’s favorite flavor of ice cream! Vanilla is loved in cakes, donuts, soda, and BEER! Shotgun Wedding has a gorgeously smooth, malty, biscuit-like flavor with a huge nose of vanilla and a slight hint of bourbon (this is Kentucky, so of course the vanilla beans are aged in bourbon). Sidenote: An actual shotgun wedding is not required to enjoy this brew.

Braxton Brewing Co. Garage Beer Premium Lager, Covington, KY

Garage Beer is an incredibly refreshing, thirst-quenching, premium lager. Coming in at 4.0% ABV, it is perfect to enjoy while tinkering around in the garage, working on your many projects, or ever-changing honey-do list. Garage Beer is brewed with Pilsner malt and Magnum hops that bring a crisp, dry finish to the palette. Whether you are working on the car or throwing darts after a long day, Garage Beer is always best paired with good friends.

There you have it folks, your very own personally curated Introduction to Kentucky Craft Beer Six Pack! 


Jessica Masterson
Beer and Specialty Buyer, Liquor Barn – Party Mart – DEP’s