Jon R. Lesher Liquor Barn Barrels

Sergeant Jon R. Lesher Select

In Memory and Honor of Sergeant Jon R. Lesher

Earlier this year, our barrel selection team had the privilege of visiting the Heaven Hill Distillery with Sergeant Lesher to select a single barrel of Elijah Craig. All eight barrels were so good the group decided we couldn’t leave one behind. A few weeks later on October 21, 2018, Sergeant Lesher’s watch ended. We have named these barrel selections in his honor.

Available at all Louisville locations starting Saturday, December 29, 2018, in the afternoon (excluding Party Mart Bardstown Road which will arrive Monday, 12/31/18).

A portion of profits will be donated in memory of Sergeant Jon R. Lesher and Detective Deidre Mengedoht.

Barrel Serial Number Age Warehouse & Floor
5325817 9 Year W-6
5747616 8 Year R-5
5554923 9 Year CC-5
5214141 10 Year CC-3
5701046 8 Year AA-5
5264281 10 Year R-6
5242136 10 Year R-6
5680883 8 Year Q-4


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