Liquor Barn Returns to Its Local Roots

If you’ve ever shopped for beer, wine, or spirits in Kentucky, chances are you’ve visited a Liquor Barn store. It’s the largest independent chain of alcohol retailers in the state and boasts some of the largest and most elaborate bourbon allocations in the world. Founded in 1984, the chain was family-owned until 2009, when it was acquired by a publicly-traded Canadian company. In November 2017, Liquor Barn once again found itself under new ownership, when the Louisville-based private equity firm Blue Equity LLC purchased the 15-store chain. Now that Liquor Barn is once again a Kentucky-owned company, a plethora of new resources are on hand to help elevate this powerhouse chain to the next level…

To read the full article online at Beverage Dynamics, click HERE

To download a PDF of the article, click HERE

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