Top Five Father’s Day Cigars

With Father’s Day just days away, now’s the time to spoil the father figures in your life with a luxurious gift. Silk ties are old news, but don’t worry—Liquor Barn has you covered. Read on for our top five fine cigar selections for Father’s Day 2019.

Cohiba Blue – Rothschild

#5 Cohiba Blue – Rothschild

There’s a slightly gritty appearance to this cigar, but it burns and draws evenly. Its woody smoke features salt-and-pepper notes and a sweet cherry finish.

Drew Estate Liga T52 – Belicoso

#4 Drew Estate Liga T52 – Belicoso

Every puff of this dark cigar is full of oak and cedar. It’s an interesting smoke, fortified by notes of raisins and red wine, with a smooth molasses finish.

Montecristo Classic – Toro

#3 Montecristo Classic – Toro

This medium-bodied smoke is surprisingly flavorful. Its almond quality is punctuated with hints of cinnamon and cedar.

Oliva Serie V Melanio – Churchill

#2 Oliva Serie V Melanio – Churchill

Beautifully box-pressed, this Churchill offers a sweet, toasty smoke. It begins with notes of freshly baked bread before mellowing into walnut, toffee, and tea-like qualities.

Liquor Barn Private Selection Connecticut – Bentley

#1 Liquor Barn Private Selection Connecticut – Bentley

This woody, elegant cigar is accentuated by pleasant touches of cloves, nougat, and vanilla.

Cigar devotees and dabblers alike will enjoy any of these sophisticated cigars. Select one—or an assortment—for a Father’s Day gift he’s sure to appreciate. Stop by your nearest Liquor Barn today!


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