Top Picks: March Madness Session Ales

The anticipation of March Madness is building, like the foam on a fresh pour of your favorite beer. As you cheer your favorite teams to victory, washing down each triumph with an ice-cold brew seems only natural, but pacing is key! Too many hefty stouts or double IPAs too early can send even the most enthusiastic fan to dreamland during half-time. We’re here to help: these three session beers are lower on the ABV scale but still full of flavor.

The Classic: Founders All Day IPA 4.7% ABV

This Session IPA will keep your taste buds tantalized while keeping your wits sharp. Your team will appreciate your high energy from the first point to the last. 

The Local: West Sixth Half-Bite IPA 3.5% ABV

With half the ABV of their flagship West Sixth IPA, this light and bright yet aggressively hopped beer is perfect for cheering on your favorite local team.

The New Guy: Bell’s Light Hearted Ale 3.7% ABV

Enjoy all the benefits of a light beer with all the flavor and quality you would expect from Bell’s. Coming in at 110 calories, this incredibly easy-drinking ale will keep you light on your feet.

March Madness is a marathon, not a sprint. Choose these fresh, crisp, and flavorful session beers throughout the season to ensure maximum enjoyment and flavor game after game. Visit Liquor Barn and Party Mart to stock up on a new favorite today!

Jessica Masterson

Buyer- Beer, Food, & Specialty

CICERONE® Certified Beer Server

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