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Liquor Barn-Party Mart are your destinations for premium cigars and high-end selection

Thu, Dec 08, 22  |  press

 08.29.18 – LEO Weekly
“Liquor Barn-Party Mart are your destinations for premium cigars and high-end selection”

Cigars and cigar knowledge started as a hobby for Jason Lois, cigar buyer for Liquor Barn and Party Mart. Now it’s a way of life.

He’s heading to Croatia next week to participate in the Cigar Smoking World Championships, having at one time won the first such event ever held in the U.S. and being ranked fourth in the world. In other words, if you want to find the right cigar or learn more about a cigar, Lois is your go-to.

And so it is that he has curated some of the finest selections of cigars in Kentucky, with walk-in humidors in Louisville locations of the liquor stores on Hurstbourne Lane, Fern Valley Road, Elizabethtown and soon, Springhurst.

Not sure what you’re looking for? There’s always a featured cigar you can try out to get a taste of something new. And because Lois is always finding and acquiring relationships with manufacturers all over the world, the selection is ever-rotating. In part, that rotation is due to the ever-growing stock of premium, hand-made cigars – sort of a cornucopia of goodness for the serious cigar aficionado.

“You can feel confident going in that you’re going to get the top of the line in quality,” Lois said. “We have all kinds of exclusive cigars. Our humidors are rotating constantly as far as the selection to give our customers the best snapshot in time of what’s available in the market.”

Soon, that will include exclusive cigars to Liquor Barn and Party Mart, curated and developed by Lois himself, with unique flavor profiles, from the wrap to the leaves within. His creativity and experience as a cigar expert are sure to result in products shoppers will be happy with. And it feeds a love for Lois, as well.

“That’s always a fun process,” he said.

Starting in autumn, with the opening of a new Springhurst store location, patrons will be able to enjoy a cigar patio, a place to enjoy cigars on the spot, relax and socialize. The space also will be utilized for special events, including special deals, new releases, featured cigars and featured manufacturers.
These events will provide an opportunity not only to potentially meet cigar reps from a wide variety of manufacturers, but to talk with Lois and pick his brain about cigars and flavor profiles.

“People can get more one-on-one time with me,” he said, and the events will also help people learn more about specific manufacturers and products up close and personal.

Of course, Lois is available in store at times already, and he’s always ready to talk shop.

“When I’m in the stores I am often offering whatever assistance I can,” he said, adding that he will also make himself available for personal consults. “For those that are wanting to learn more, I’m always up for having those kinds of discussions.”

A recent development of an app and delivery system, available at no charge in the Google Play and Apple Stores, means you can even have select cigars delivered to your home or place of work or play, perhaps along with your favorite bourbon as well. You can check out the selection available for delivery at LiquorBarn.com.

And if you want cigar knowledge at your fingertips, just check in on the Liquor Barn blog, with articles written by Lois himself featuring a wide array of topics, from gift ideas to aromas. Lois plans to blog often about his trip to Croatia as well – expect plenty more knowledge to drop, particularly if he walks away a champion.

That depth of knowledge translates as a benefit to Liquor Barn and Party Mart customers, providing them with superior selections curated by someone who has loved cigar culture literally his entire adult life.

“I made my passion and hobby my occupation,” he said. “I wanted to do something I loved and enjoyed for rest of my days.”

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