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April 27, 2024
12:00 - 3:30 pm
 Certified Bourbon Steward Course
$99 per person
Liquor Barn Beaumont

921 Beaumont Centre Parkway, Lexington KY 40513
Includes Bourbon Steward Handbook + Bourbon Flight + Online Assessment 

Certified Bourbon Steward CourseClick HERE to Purchase April 27th Certified Bourbon Steward Course Tickets

The Certified Bourbon Steward course is a specialized program for bourbon enthusiasts, industry professionals, and aspiring connoisseurs. This comprehensive course is designed to educate and equip you with the skills needed to understand what makes bourbon a bourbon. During our discovery, you'll learn the art and science of bourbon distilling and aging, identify Kentucky's heritage distilleries, and demonstrate the relationship among products - describing characteristics and differences of 3 bourbons. 

  1. The Classification of Whiskey: Explore the different classifications of whiskey and the unique differences of Bourbon. 
  2. Bourbon Production: A) Familiarize yourself with the legal requirements and standards that govern the the production, labeling, and marketing of bourbon. B) Learn about the production process from distillation, aging and bottling while understanding the various factors on flavor. 
  3. Brand and Distillery Differentiation: Explore the diverse range of bourbon brands and distilleries, understanding their unique styles and differences.  
  4. Tasting & Sensory Evaluation: Develop your palate through a guided tasting of 3 bourbons. Learn to identify aromas, flavors and nuances in different bourbons.

Participants will engage in lectures, and tastings in this hands-on workshop, followed by an online assessment, to earn the Certified Bourbon Steward certification.  
    Join Executive Bourbon Steward, Andrew Hatfield, on this exciting journey to unlock the secrets behind the world of bourbon. Get your ticket today and elevate your passion and knowledge to new heights while becoming an ambassador of this celebrated American spirit.