Liquor Barn Party Mart Rewards Club

There are two convenient ways to sign up for the Liquor Barn Rewards Club! Sign up in-store at checkout by providing your name and phone number to the cashier, you will then receive a text to finish your registration, simply follow the link to complete the required fields and you’re all set! You can also sign up directly at the Liquor Barn website by following this link From here, fill out the required fields, and that’s it! You receive 500 bonus points just for completing your registration!

Log in to your Rewards Club account from the Liquor Barn website or the Liquor Barn app. Then click the profile section. From here you can: see your points, change your contact information, update your password, and use your unique barcode at checkout in-store to link your points to your Rewards Club account!

If you are logged in to your Rewards Club account, all of your online and in-app purchases are automatically linked. When checking out in-store, simply scan your unique barcode from the profile section of your app, or give our cashier the phone number associated with your Rewards Club account to link your purchases for points. Did you forget to give your Rewards Club information at checkout? No problem! Just email your recent purchase receipt to and we will get back to you once we have updated your account.

Although you may already be a Liquor Barn app user, you must complete the Rewards Club registration process in order to join the loyalty program and start earning points. Simply go to the Rewards Club page of our website, click the “Sign Up Today” button, and complete the required fields. This will link your Rewards Club account to your Liquor Barn account!

Rewards Club members will receive 5 points for each one (1) dollar spent on all eligible items that are part of a qualified purchased made in-store or online. Points are calculated on a per-item basis. All point values are awarded based on the pre-tax value of the items purchased. Points can be received on the purchase of gift cards. No points will be received for: deposits (e.g. keg, tab, tub); bottle, can, or container deposits; taxes; items purchased using a gift card as the only form of tender; or, e. when a member has only reserved an item but not paid for it.

The Rewards Club Program calendar year starts on January 1 and ends on December 31 of the same calendar year. All point balances will return to zero on January 1 with the start of a new program calendar year. Once a member has reached a certain status, the member is eligible to receive the benefits associated with that Status from the time the Status is achieved through December 31 of the next program calendar year. If the member fails to achieve at least the same status during the next program calendar year, the member will revert to the next-closest subordinate status at the conclusion of the next program calendar year.